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Canadian webbing waist-belt - 1942

Canadian P37 webbing waist-belt (Web Equipment Pattern '37 Waist Belt). The belt is nicely maker marked and dated with 'Z.L.& T.Ltd 1942', it is size 'L' marked. Hard to find original Canadian waist-belt in good condition!

€ 225,00

WH (Heer) Artillery Officer's Tunic

Wehrmacht (Heer) Officer's Tunic as intended for a 'Oberleutnant der Artillerie'. Complete with all original applied insignia and an original aiguillette as found together. Named and dated december 1940. Nice original tunic in very good condition!

€ 895,00

Russian Political Commissar Sleeve Badge

Nice original Russian Political Commissar Sleeve Badge. Nicely hand-embroiderd sleeve badge, showing the recognizable hammer & sickle in a 5-pointed red star. The badge is sized approximately 5x5 cms. The badge is in good used and clearly tunic removed condition!

€ 135,00

Luftwaffe M35 DD Camouflaged Helmet

Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Camouflaged Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35). ET66 marked. The helmet retains most of its original two-tone brown/green coloured camouflage paint. Scarce and hard to find original Luftwaffe camo helmet!

€ 2450,00

'Der Stahlhelmbund' Members Badge - 1926

'Der Stahlhelmbund' New Members Badge - 1926 (Eintrittsabzeichen). The badge is engraved with an unique number 'VI Nrh 2157' and date '3.11.26'. It comes on its original and functional pin/catch construction. Nice example in good condition!

€ 125,00

WW1 Hardshell P08 Luger Holster

WW1 P08 Luger pistol holster (Pistolentaschen P08). The light brown coloured leather holster is nicely maker marked and dated 1916. The holster is in good used condition. Great and scarce original Luger pistol holster!

€ 350,00

WH Field Telephone carrying strap

Wehrmacht FF33 Field Telephone carrying strap (Trageriemen zum Feldfernsprecher 33). This is a hard to find original leather carrying strap for the field telephone, this is an often missing part. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 110,00

Dutch M25 Pistol Magazine Pouch

Dutch M.25 FN Pistol Magazine Pouch (Patroonhoudertas no.2). The dual compartment pouch would held two magazines for the Dutch M25 FN Pistol. The pouch is regrettably missing the divider. Nice and hard to find original pouch in good used condition!

€ 125,00

Framed Dutch 'Kriegsmarine' recruitment poster

This is a nice original period framed Dutch 'Kriegsmarine' recruitment poster: "Het zeegat uit! - Neerlands roem herleeft! Meldt u by de Kriegsmarine!". The poster is sized approximately 80 x 55 cms. It has been professionally framed and comes out of an old museum collection. Decorative poster!

€ 600,00

SS 'FM Zeitschrift' (Magazine)

SS 'FM Zeitschrift' (Monatsschrift der Reichsführung SS für fördernde Mitglieder), this was the magazine for contributing members of the SS. Issue number 8 from 1 August 1939. Nice and hard to find original example in good used condition!

€ 95,00

RDK Members Badge

RDK (Reichsbund der Kinderreichen) Members Badge (Abzeichen für Familienwart). Nicely marked with 'Ges.Gesch.' and manufacturer's logo 'B'on the back. It comes on its original and functional pin/catch construction. Example in very good condition!

€ 75,00

RAD stoneware commemorative plate

RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) commemorative stoneware plate (Wandteller). This commemorative ceramic plate is showing the 'RAD' style shovel. The plate measures approximately 26cms in diameter. Nice and decorative original piece!

€ 145,00

Miniature Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger

Miniature Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger/Letter opener (Offiziersdolch als Brieföffner). The 19,5cms long miniature dagger has a molded, white, bakelite grip. The dagger is having a gilded metal scabberd. It's complete with it's original miniature portepee. Decorative example in very good condition!

€ 400,00

German Rural Police Overseas Cap

'Gendarmerie' (Rural Police) Overseas Cap (Polizei Schiffchen). This is a standard EM/NCO's overseas cap showing an original applied BeVo-woven cap-eagle. The cap is having orange coloured 'Gendarmerie' piping along the top edge. Nice and scarce original cap in very good condition!

€ 350,00

Elastolin 'Adolf Hitler' Figure

Elastolin 'Adolf Hitler' Figure (Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler). He's wearing his brownshirt. The figure is nicely marked with 'Elastolin'. The toy is showing the expected age cracking and traces of usage. Rare original toy in good used condition!

€ 95,00

Luftwaffe FLAK/mechanic's coveralls

Luftwaffe FLAK/mechanic's coveralls (Arbeitsschutzanzug gefüttert). The coveralls are showing normal traces of usage and some staining, overall in good condition. RB.Nr. marked. Nice original coveralls which will make a great Luftwaffe airbase display for affordable money!

€ 200,00

Luftwaffe Aircraft UV Cockpit Lamp

Luftwaffe Aircraft UV Cockpit Lamp (Lampe für Innenraumbeleuchtung) as used in various planes including the Ju88, He111, Me262 and various other types (mostly larger planes). Nicely maker marked by the company of 'Siemens', marked with the Luftwaffe Contract Number 'FL.32272-2'. Nice original item!

€ 195,00

1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class with Jubilee Clasp

1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse) with Jubilee Spange. The cross is having a die-flaw at the '7' indicating manufacture by the company of 'Godet' from Berlin. Typical Iron Cross from the award period in good condition, rare original 19th century cross!

€ 695,00

German Imperial Pilots Badge

This is a stunning original Imperial WW1Prussian Pilots Badge (Militär-Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The badge is not visible maker marked but can very likely be attributed to the company of 'C.E. Juncker' from Berlin. Desirable original imperial pilot's badge in very good condition!

€ 795,00

WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class with hooks

WW1 Iron Cross first class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). The cross is nicely marked with '800' silver. The pin and catch are in perfect functional condition, it is having two additional soldered on hooks on the back. Extremely rare variant WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class in very good condition!

€ 500,00

WH (Heer) M40 SD Helmet with bullet hole

Wehrmacht (Heer) M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40). 'Q64' marked helmet, complete with liner. The helmet is showing a bullet hole, through and through from front to back. Nice and honest original M40 combat helmet in good used condition!

€ 600,00

German Imperial Navy 'Tellermütze'

German Imperial Navy Donald Duck Cap (Kaiserliche Marine Tellermütze) having a '11. Halbflottille 11.' cap-tally attached, the cap comes with original WW1 arm-badges for a 'Sperrwaffen' specialist as found together. Nice original WW1 Donald Duck Cap in good used condition!

€ 450,00

Fallschirmjäger Protective Knee Pads

Nice original matching pair of Fallschirmjäger Protective Knee Pads (Knieschützer). Complete with their original elastic bands, both knee pads are nicely RB.Nr. marked. The pair is in good used condition. Hard to find original pair!

€ 850,00

German Medical Oxygen Tank in Wooden Box

German Medical Oxygen Tank in Wooden Box (Dräger Sauerstoff-Behandlungsgerät für Truppen). This set consists of a pressurized oxygen cylinder, complete with accessories and manual, in its original wooden transportation box. Nice and decorative original set in very good condition!

€ 375,00

KM Coastal Artillery M43 Cap

Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M43). Complete with original applied BeVo-woven Coastal Artillery cap-eagle and national cocarde. The cap is nicely marked with RBNr.0/0421/0012 and dated 1944, size 58. Hard to find original KM Coastal Artillery M43 cap!

€ 1050,00

KM U-boat War Badge Award Document

Kriegsmarine 'U-boot-Kriegsabzeichen' (U-Boat War Badge) award document (Verleihungs-Urkunde). The A4-sized document was awarded to 'Oberfähnrich Karl Stöcklein' on 28 March 1943, facsimile signed by Hans-Rudolf Rösing. Nice and hard to find original U-boat War Badge award document!

€ 375,00

Cased WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class 'S-W'

WW1 Iron Cross first class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). The cross is maker marked with 'S-W' indicating production by 'Sy-Wagner', Berlin. The cross comes in it's original early type case, dated '1914/15', complete with its rarely encountered original so-called 'Überkarton'. Stunning original set!

€ 395,00

WH (Heer) Infantry EM's Overseas Cap

WH (Heer) Infantry EM's Overseas Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M34). Nicely maker marked and dated 1942. All original factory applied insignia. Hard to find untouched original Infantry EM's Overseas Cap (Schiffchen) in stunning mint and unissued condition!

€ 695,00

WH (Heer) Infantry walking-out long pants

WH (Heer) Infantry parade dress/walking-out long pants (M35 Tuchhose). A privately purchased type trousers for the walking out dress, made from combat type wool and having Infantry white piping. Great original pants in very good mint and unissued condition!

€ 550,00

MG34/42 'Patronenkasten 36'

MG34 or MG42 vehicle mount ammo-box (Patronenkasten 36). This is a second pattern box with spring closure system. Nicely maker marked and dated 1941. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 75,00

KM cap-tally 'Unterseebootsflottille Wegener'

Rare original WH (Kriegsmarine) cap-tally: 'Unterseebootsflottille Wegener' for wear on the donald-duck cap (Tellermütze). The Tally measures approximately 112 cms in length. Rare and hard to find original U-boat cap-tally in good used condition!

€ 375,00

German children's building blocks

German children's toys, wooden building blocks in box (Der neue Wehrmacht-Baukasten). Kids could build their own army barracks with these wooden building blocks. Decorative original period toys in good used condition!

€ 150,00

WH Zündapp DB 200 Motorcycle

WH Zündapp DB 200 Motorcycle (Motorrad). Professionally restored motorcycle. Dated 1938, matching frame number, motor number and cilinder number. All original Ribe bolts. The motorcycle is in running condition and currently on Dutch registration. Great piece, both to drive or for in display!

€ 7500,00

Dutch 'Grove Stof' Combat Overseas Cap

This is a nice Dutch so-called 'Grove Stof' Combat Overseas Cap (Veldmuts) as intended for a soldier (Soldaat) within the 16th Regiment Infantry. Nicely maker marked and dated 1939, size '57'. Scarce original Dutch overseas cap in good used condition!

€ 275,00

Set of 2 Kettenkrad Wheels

Set of 2 Wheels for the NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad - SdKfz 2 (Laufräder). Both wheels are complete with original rubber, marked with 'Fulda'. The wheels still retain a fair amount of their original paint. Overall nice original set of hard to find Kettenkrad wheels!

€ 395,00

MG13 Double Barrel Carrier

Early MG13 Double Barrel Carrier (Laufschützer). Double barrel carrier with sling, a long ruptured cartridge extractor and a cleaning rod. Nice original set in good used condition!

€ 195,00

KM/U-boot Protective leather jacket

Kriegsmarine/U-boot Protective leather jacket (Lederjacke). The jacket is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Hans Trepte & Co' from Radebeul and dated 15 March 1942, the jacket is size '52' marked. Very nice original jacket in good used condition, great for a KM or U-boot display!

€ 495,00

'Feuerschutzpolizei' Service Tunic

This is a nice example of a 'Feuerwehr' (Fire Protection Police) tunic (Feuerschutzpolizei Waffenrock). The tunic is complete with collar-tabs, shoulder boards and a sleeve-eagle showing the name of the city 'Rheinsheim. The tunic is in overall good used condition. Nice original tunic!

€ 275,00

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge - 'OM'

This is a stunning original early tombac (Buntmetall) Luftwaffe Pilots Badge (Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The badge is nicely maker marked with 'OM'. Nobody knows exactly what OM stands for, but their pilot badges are very high quality, rare and desirable!

€ 1350,00

KM Coastal Artillery War Badge in Box

Kriegsmarine 'Kriegsabzeichen für die Marineartillerie' (Coastal Artillery War Badge). 'Zink' example, the badge is nicely maker marked with 'FLL 43' indicating production by 'Friedrich Linden' from Lüdenscheid in 1943. Complete with rare original carton box. Amazing set!

€ 375,00

WH 'Pferdegasmaske 41' Carrying Bag

German Model 1941 Horse gasmask carrying bag (Pferdegasmaske 41 Tasche). The white label is maker marked with 'bwz' (Auer), it is WaA marked as well. This type of bag is less often found. Nice original bag in very good condition!

€ 125,00

Dutch Shelter Half CM1939

Rare original Dutch Shelter Half (Tentzeil). Nice grey/green coloured example with brass grommets and buttons, complete with original rope. Nicely marked and dated with 'CM 1939' (Centraal Magazijn). Hard to find original shelter half in very good condition!

€ 450,00

Dutch Combat Engineer's Saw

This is a nice and scarce original Dutch Combat Engineer's Saw in pouch (Leren foedraal met trekzaag). The saw is nicely marked 'D.V.D.' (Departement van Defensie). The pouch is an original period modified example. Rare and scarce piece of equipment in good used condition!

€ 325,00

WH '8 cm Gr.W.34' Ammunition Box

Wehrmacht 8 cm Granatwerfer (Gr.W.) 34 Morter Ammunition Box. The box is complete with it's often missing original (regrettably repainted) inner-frame. The box is nicely maker marked 'G.N.L.', WaA marked and dated 1939. Nice and scarce original box in good used condition!

€ 150,00

Turkish Half Moon - 'Gallipoli Star'

Turkish Half Moon "Gallipoli Star" (Eiserner Halbmond/Gallipoli Stern). The star is not visible maker marked, but can very likely be attributed to the company of 'Meybauer' from Berlin. De details on this star are simply stunning. Nice original piece!

€ 350,00

Dutch NAD Collar Tab

'Nederlandsche Arbeidsdienst' (Dutch labour service) Collar Tab (Kraagspiegel), as intended for the lower ranks like 'Arbeidsman', these were worn on the dark-green style NAD tunics. This is a harder to find hand-embroidered version. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 80,00

'Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen' - Assmann

General Assault Badge (Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen). Very nice example executed in 'Eisen' (Steel), maker marked with the logo of the Assmann company from Lüdenscheid. This is a scarce and hard to find variant in very good condition!

€ 250,00

Wehrmacht hand-microphone

Hand held field communication microphone (Handmikrofon). Nicely marked with 'Feind hört mit!' (The enemy listens in!). It is nicely WaA marked. The microphone is complete with it's original wire and plug. Nice piece op equipment in good used condition!

€ 165,00

Blanco TeNo 'Befehlsstelle Niederlande' Document

Unissued blanco Techinsche Nothilfe (TeNo) 'Befehlsstelle NL/Niederlande' Document. Blanco document of the TeNo department from Den Haag and ink-marked by the department from Nijmegen. Nice original document in good condition!

€ 20,00

Luftwaffe M40 Tropical Camouflaged Helmet

Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Tropical DAK Camouflaged Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40). ET68 marked shell with a large size 60 liner. The helmet retains most of its yellow/sand-coloured camouflage paint. Scarce and hard to find untouched original tropical camo helmet!

€ 2250,00