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Dutch NSB-related 'Landwacht' Cufftitle


Dutch NSB-related 'Landwacht' Cufftitle. The 'Landwacht' was a Dutch para-military organisation, created on 12 November 1943 by the German authorities. The Landwacht consisted mainly of NSB members, equipped with shotguns, they were popularly called 'Jan Hagel'. The Landwacht was first spotted on the streets in March 1944. They were mainly tasked with the surveillance of buildings, checking identity cards on the streets and carrying out arrests. Their uniforms often consisted of a a mixture of NSB/WA clothing and German Feldgrau tunic/black breeches combinations. On their uniforms the 'Landwacht' Cufftitle was worn. This cufftitle is printed (in silver) on a blanc RZM style German made cufftitle, the printing was done in Holland. The cufftitle is 35,5 cms long and is clearly used and tunic removed. Rare original cufftitle in good condition!

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