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NSB - WA Fighters Medal


NSB - WA Oldfighters Medal "WA Strijdersteken" "Alles voor het Vaderland 1932-1935" (All for the Fatherland). The Dutch "Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging" (National Socialist Movement) was founded by 'Anton Mussert' in December 1931 and was a Dutch pro-German Nazi Party. The WA (Weerafdelingen), being more or less the equivalent of the German SA or 'Sturmabteilungen', was formed in 1932, but disbanded in 1935 under a government decree prohibiting all Para military, political militias. The WA was recreated after the start of the German occupation in May 1940. In November 1942, due to the tenth anniversary of its formation commander 'A.J. Zondervan' instituted a special medal, the "WA Strijdersteken", the medal was instituted on 7 January 1943. It was awarded to those who had served in the original WA in the period of 1932-1935 and had remained a member of the NSB, this medal was called the 'Old Fighters Medal'. A special version without date was also introduced for members who distinguished themselves fo the WA in the years after 1935, this version was called the 'Fighters Medal'. This is the version without date. The medal comes on its original black/red ribbon. Hard to find medal in very good condition! 

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