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EU-Deactivated MP44 'Sturmgewehr'


EU-Deactivated MP44 'Sturmgewehr'. The 'Sturmgewehr 44' is a German assault rifle developed during World War II by Hugo Schmeisser. The MP44 was an improvement of an earlier design, the Maschinenkarabiner 42(H). The MP44 was the first successful assault rifle with a more compact design than a regular rifle with a higher rate of fire, and being designed primarily for hitting targets within a few hundred metres. Other rifles at the time were designed to hit targets of over a thousand meters, but this was found to be in excess of the range in which most enemy engagements actually took place. The MP44 fulfilled its role effectively, particularly on the Eastern Front, offering a greatly increased volume of fire compared to standard infantry rifles. This is a late war produced MP44, it has a receiver made by 'Mauser' marked with byf. Mauser did not produce the MP44 but made receivers for other manufacturers. In this case the rifle is marked with 'ce' indicating producion by the company of 'Sauer' who made only 55.000 pieces. The MP44 is dated 1945. One of the grips is showing a crack. Some parts might have been replaced and/or restored or touched up but it is in overall very good condition, please take a look at the photos for all details. The MP44 has been deactivated conform the requirements of the common minimum technical specifications set out in Annex I from the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/337 and comes with a Certificate of Deactivation. This MP44 is free to own for EU citizens, aged over 18 years. We will sell this MP44 only to people above the age of 18 (with proof) within the EU (please check your country's regulations before purchasing). These MP44s are incredibly rare and hard to find and are hardly ever offered for sale, unique opportunity to buy one of the most iconic rifles from the Second World War, this will make an incredible display on anny mannequin set-up and was also beloved by allied soldiers!

PLEASE NOTEthis MP44 is a double from my private collection, I prefer pick-up at a show. Shipping at buyer's own risk. No payments with PayPal accepted for this item.

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