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DRKB Silver '25' Year Member Honor Pin

DRKB 'Deutscher Reichskriegerbund' (Kyffhäuserbund) Silver Honor Pin for '25' Years Membership (Silberne Ehrennadel für 25 jährige Mitgliedschaft). The pin is nicely 'Ges.Gesch.' marked on the back, nice original example in good condition!

€ 40,00

RADwJ Brooch for a 'Maidenführerin'

RADwJ 'Brosche für Maidenführerin' (Brooch) in bronze. The brooch is not visible maker marked. The bronze coloured Brooch shows stunning detail and has a functional pin & catch. Great looking Female youth RADwJ brooch!

€ 75,00

'Deutscher Frauenarbeitsdienst' Brooch

'Deutscher Frauenarbeitsdienst' Members Brooch (Mitglieds Brosche). The Brooch has stunning detail and has a functional pin & catch. The brooch is a tombak example and is numbered with the unique number '28021', the piece has a somewhat darkened age patina. Great looking Female RAD brooch!

€ 70,00

NSB 'Werkersbijeenkomst' Tinnie 1938

NSB 'Werkersbijeenkomst-22/10.38-R.A.I.-A'DAM' Tinnie. This event was held at 22 October 1938 in the 'R.A.I.' in Amsterdam. The tinnie comes on its functional pin and is not maker-marked. Nice original example in good condition!

€ 45,00

RAD commemorative enamel lapel-pin

RAD commemorative enameled lapel-pin. Nice original lapel-pin with red coloured enamel. Maker marked 'G.G.' on the back. The pin is in good used condition, nice example!

€ 25,00

WH (Heer) Artillery NCO's M35 Dress Tunic

WH (Heer) M35 Dress Tunic (Wehrmacht Parade-Waffenrock) as intended for a Feldwebel within the 'Artillerie-Regiment 9'. The tunic is nicely maker marked and dated 1938. Nice original Waffenrock in good used condition!

€ 550,00

German M16 Camouflaged Combat Helmet Shell

German M16 'Mimikri' Camouflage Combat Helmet Shell (Stahlhelmglocke M16). The steel construction M16 helmet retains most of its original mimicry camouflage paint. The shell is marked 'G62'. Great looking original German WW1 Camouflaged helmet shell!

€ 495,00

WH Carbid 'Einheitslaterne'

WH Carbid Lantern (Einheitslaterne 37). Brown coloured bakelite example, it comes with a set of 2 slides for the small side windows. The lantern is nicely WaA marked, it is in overall good used condition. Nice example!

€ 125,00

Ribbon for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

Ribbon for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (Band zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernes Kreuzes). The short piece of ribbon is originally confectioned to wear around the neck, the black band can be closed by a metal hook and eyelet. Perfect for completing aworn Knight's Cross!

€ 375,00

WH (Heer) Panzer Collar Tab Skull

WH (Heer) Panzer Collar Tab Skull (Totenkopf für Kragenspiegel der Panzertruppe). Magnetic iron construction skull with three pointed integral prongs on the back, one prong is missing. Nice and hard to find original skull in good condition!

€ 75,00

Luftwaffe 'Fallschirm-Prüfschein'

Luftwaffe 'Fallschirm-Prüfschein'. For a '30IS-24B' pilot's seat parachute (Sitzfallschirm) (FL.Nr.30246) with the unique number '2405650'. It should be noted that these types of certificates are very difficult to find. Nice original example!

€ 150,00

LW 'Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger' in Gold

Luftwaffe 'Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in Gold mit Anhänger' (heavy, medium & dive bombers squadron clasp in gold with pendant). Early tombac example with zinc type star burst pendant for four hundred operational flights. Rare original clasp in stunning condition!

€ 795,00

Waffen-SS Belt Buckle

This is a nice steel Waffen-SS EM/NCO's Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). On the reverse, the buckle is not visible maker marked but can be attributed to production by the company of 'Overhoff & Cie' from Lüdenscheid. Nice original example in good used condition!

€ 475,00

Mothers Cross in Bronze Award-Document

Mothers Cross in Bronze Award-Document (Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter Urkunde). Awarded to 'Pauline Metzel' on 1 October 1939. The DIN-A4 sized award document is in unfolded condition, nice example in good used condition!

€ 45,00

'Afrika' Cufftitle

'Afrika' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). The camelhair cufftitle is in full-length condition and measures approximately 48cms in length. The cufftitle is in very good, mint and unissued condition, nice original piece!

€ 325,00

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Membership Booklet

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Supporting Membership Booklet (FM-Mitgliedsbuch). The booklet is named to 'Richard Mayer' from Stuttgart, he was having membership number 'E 53297'. Rare original SS-FM Membership Booklet in very good condition!

€ 295,00

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Members Pin

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Supporting Membership Pin (FM-Abzeichen). The reverse of the pin is marked with 'Ges.Gesch.' and manufacturer 'Deschler MCHN-9' and its individually numbered with membership number 'E 24749'. Rare original SS-FM Membership Pin in good used condition!

€ 295,00

WH (Heer) EM'S M43 Field Blouse

Wehrmacht (Heer) M43 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M43). Nice late war field blouse, complete with original machine-sewn breast-eagle, collar-tabs and a pair of Infantry shoulder-straps. The field blouse is nicely marked and dated 1943. Hard to find original late war M43 tunic in very good condition!

€ 1950,00

Dutch 'Atilla' Lieutenant-Colonel KNIL

This is a rare original Dutch black coloured 'Atilla' as intended for an Administrative Lieutenant-Colonel within the KNIL (Royal Netherlands East Indies Army). The tunic is named to 'Zijlmans' and dated 30 May 1927. Rare original KNIL 'Atilla' in good condition!

€ 450,00

Non-reversible 'Splittertarn' Camouflage Parka

Wehrmacht non-reversible 'Splittertarn' camouflage winter parka (Tarnjacke). The parka is showing so-called reversed colours in the Sumpftarnmuster colour scheme, it's showing nice bright colours. Beautiful and rare original parka in very good condition!

€ 1850,00

WH Non-Reversible 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Pants

Wehrmacht Non-Reversible 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Winter Trousers (Tarnungs Hose). The pants are nicely RB.Nr. marked and size '2' marked. The pants are showing minor traces of storage, they still show great bright colours. Nice original pair in very good condition!

€ 995,00

KVK 1st Class 'L/13' - screw-back

War Merit Cross 1st class with Swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwerter), this is a scarce so-called 'screw-back version' with screw-back disc (Schraubscheibe). Maker marked with 'L/13' - 'Paul Meybauer' from Berlin. Nice original cross!

€ 200,00

Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber 'L/13'

Silver Wound Badge (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber). Nice original 'Buntmetall' example, the badge is maker marked with 'L/13' - 'Paul Meybauer' from Berlin. Nice and hard to find tombak badge in very good condition!

€ 100,00

WH (Heer/Waffen-SS) 'Demjansk' Campaign Shield

Nice original 'Demjansk' Shield (Demjansk Schild). The shield is a magnetic example from an unknown maker. Complete with metal backplate and original protective backing paper. This shield is in very good condition. Great original shield!

€ 495,00

SA BeVo cap-eagle

SA (Sturmabteilung) BeVo-woven cap-eagle (Mützenadler). The eagle was intended for wear on the 'SA-Lagermütze' (side-cap). The eagle is having the dark-green branch colour for the 'SA-Gruppe Nordmark' or 'Sachsen'. Nice example in mint and unissued condition!

€ 45,00

Waffen-SS Officer's M43 Cap

Waffen-SS Officer's M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze). This is a late-war Waffen-SS wool-rayon blend Italian gabardine construction M43-cap, silver piped cap as intended for officer's, having a BeVo-woven cap-eagle and skull attached. Nice cap in good used condition!

€ 2995,00

Polizei M43 Cap

Polizei M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M43). Complete with original applied M43 pattern BeVo-woven combined cap-eagle and cocarde. The cap is maker marked with a RB.Nr. The cap is in good used condition, nice and nowadays hard to find original Polizei M43 cap!

€ 575,00

Polizei 'Drillich' Field Blouse

German Police 'Drillich' (HBT) Field Blouse (Polizei Feldbluse) as intended for an 'Unterwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei'. Complete with original machine-sewn sleeve-eagle, collar-tabs and shoulder-boards. Dated 1945. Nice original Police field blouse in stunning mint and unissued condition!

€ 995,00

Luftwaffe 'Drillich' Field Blouse

WH (Luftwaffe) 'Drillich' (HBT) M43 Field Blouse (Feldbluse). Complete with original matching machine-sewn 'Drillich' type Luftwaffe breast-eagle. Large size (chest size 104cms). Nice original Luftwaffe field blouse in stunning mint and unissued condition!

€ 1100,00

Luftwaffe 'Drillich' Combat Trousers

Luftwaffe 'Drillich' Combat Field Pants (Drillichhose). The horizontal waistband has a tunnel loop which houses a built-in green HBT belt. Maker marked with 'RB.Nr.0/0274/5146'. Nice and hard to find original Luftwaffe HBT trousers in stunning mint and unissued condition!

€ 995,00

WH (Heer) 'Panzer' NCO's Visor Cap

WH (Heer) 'Panzer' EM/NCO's Visor Cap. Complete with it's original early nickel-silver eagle and cocarde as found. The sweat-diamond is nicely marked by the famous 'Peküro' company. '4./A.A.5' Unit marked. Hard to find original Panzer Visor Cap in good used condition!

€ 795,00

WH (Heer) Artillery Major's Tunic

WH (Heer) Artillery Major's Tunic (Offizier's Feldbluse). The field blouse is a large size having all original applied insignia, there are loops to the wearer's right breast indicating that the tunic belonged to a German Cross in Gold recipient. Stunning original Officer's Field Blouse!

€ 1495,00

DRK Leader's Dress Dagger

DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) Leader's Dress Dagger (DRK Führerdolch). The dagger comes directly from the family of a Dutch resistance fighter who took the dagger as a war trophy in 1945. Nice original DRK Leader's Dagger in good condition!

€ 1295,00

Wehrmacht 'Führerhauptquartier' Cufftitle

Wehrmacht 'Führerhauptquartier' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). Nicely hand-embroidered in bullion silver threads, embroidered in the 'Sütterlin' script. The cufftitle measures approximately 39cms in length and is in clearly used and tunic removed condition. Desirable original cufftitle!

€ 1500,00

Dutch 'Nederland' shoulder-title

Nice original Dutch 'Nederland' shoulder-title as instituted in 1944 and worn by the 'Stoottroepen'. Manufactered in Holland according to the so-called 'Brabant-weef'. Nice original shoulder-title in good unissued condition!

€ 25,00

Dutch Army sleeve-shield Troop Command North & South Moluccas

This is a nice original Dutch Netherlands East Indies Army sleeve-shield as intended for a member within the Troop Command North & South Moluccas and New Guinea. The shield is in good condition and showing some normal traces of usage. Nice original sleeve-shield

€ 70,00

Dutch 'Nederlandsch Indië' arm-badge

Dutch 'Nederlandsch Indië' arm-badge (Mouwleeuw). The arm-badge is showing a neatly hand-embroidered Dutch lion above the script 'Nederlandsch Indië'. This is a locally produced example as introduced by KNIL personnel serving in Malakka. Rare original badge in good condition!

€ 75,00

Dutch Hasselt Cross 1830-1831

Dutch Metal Cross 1830-1831 (Metalen Kruis 1830-1831), also known as 'Hasselt Cross'. The medal comes regrettably without ribbon. Nice original example in good used condition!

€ 50,00

Dutch 'Pitto' Coffee Surrogate Package

Dutch World War 2 Period Van Nelle's Pitto Coffee Surrogate Package (Koffiesurrogaat). The 250grams package is in unissued condition, complete with original content. Rare and hard to find original Dutch Surrogate Coffee!

€ 25,00

NSB 'Jaarlijksche Afstandsmarsch' Medal

Very nice NSB (Dutch pro-German Nazi Party) 'Jaarlijksche Afstandsmarsch' Medal. Enamelled example, complete with its original ribbon. Hard to find original medal in very good condition!

€ 350,00

NAD BeVo Cap-badge

'Nederlandsche Arbeidsdienst' (Dutch labour service) BeVo woven Cap-badge, as worn on the dark-green M43 style NAD caps. Slightly damaged. Nice example in good unissued condition!

€ 35,00

Beaded M35 Reversed Decal Polizei Helmet

Beaded M35 Double (reversed) Decal Polizei Helmet (Stahlhelm M35) - 'EF68'. This is a heavier quality M35 type Luftschutz helmet featuring a pronounced bead along the midline of the shell, the helmet is complete with size 61 liner and chinstrap. Rare original helmet in good condition!

€ 795,00

British Dispatch Rider/Motorcyclist's Gloves

British Dispatch Rider/Motorcyclist's Gloves. The gloves are nicely maker marked (hard to read) and size 9½ marked. Nice original British Dispatch Rider's gloves in very good condition!

€ 75,00

WH (Heer) M43 Cap

WH (Heer) M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M43). Complete with original applied T-shaped cap-eagle/cocarde. The cap is nicely maker marked and dated, size 58. The cap is in good used condition, nice and nowadays hard to find original WH Heer M43 cap!

€ 875,00

Dutch M34 Combat Helmet

Dutch M34 Combat Helmet (Stalen helm model 34). The helmet is complete with it's original leather liner and chinstrap, the helmet is nicely maker marked by 'Lederwarenfabrik, de Valk' from Amsterdam. Nice original Dutch combat helmet in good condition!

€ 295,00

NSB Membership Card 1940

NSB Membership Card (Lidmaatschapskaart) of the year 1940. The card belonged to a NSB member from Duivendrecht, having NSB Member number #105542, he became a member on 14 August 1940. Nice and decorative original card in good used condition!

€ 75,00

NSB - WA cap-lion

NSB - WA cap-lion as intended for wear by high-ranking NSB and/or WA members. The lion is complete with all four prongs. Hard to find original cap insignia in stunning mint and unissued condition!

€ 45,00

NJS - Jeugdstorm Members Pin

NJS - Jeugdstorm Members Pin (NJS Draagteken). This is the harder to find round model membership pin. On the back engraved with some initials 'F.vd.W' and the name of the city 'Zeist'. Scarce original example in good used condition!

€ 195,00

NJS - Jeugdstorm Arm Badge

'Nationale Jeugdstorm' (NJS) Arm Badge (NJS Mouwembleem). The machine knitted arm badge was worn on the wearer's left upper-arm. The badge is in good used condition. Scarce original example!

€ 195,00

NSB 'Hagespraak 1938' Tinnie

NSB '3e Hagespraak 1938' Tinnie. This event was held at 6 June 1938 in Lunteren. The orange coloured ceramic badge comes on its often missing functional pin. Nice and decorative original example, hard to find in this condition!

€ 65,00
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