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Wehrmacht 'Fluffy' Camouflage Sniper Smock


Wehrmacht 'Fluffy' Camouflage Sniper Smock (Tarnhemd für Scharfschützen). The Wehrmacht camouflage smocks were based on the Waffen-SS camouflage smocks and were officially introduced in late 1942. The first pattern smocks came in the army 'Splittertarn' camouflage pattern, and were issued without a hood to members of the Großdeutschland division. The second pattern smocks included an integral hood and came mostly in the army 'Sumpftarn' (tan/water) camouflage pattern, this is however an extremely rare variant of the hooded type smock in the so called 'Fluffy' pattern which is a tan&water design in 'Splittertarn' camouflage colours, this is one of the rarest and last developed patterns. The smock is having six embroidered eyelets for a drawstring closure, the smock is having a period looking but possibly replaced drawstring. The original drawstrings around the waistline and in the cuffs are unfortunately missing. The smock is complete with its original typical blue coloured buttons. The smock is having two vertical breast openings. The smock is not visible maker or size marked, the smocks were designed to fit over the standard service uniform and are therefore quite large. The smock is showing only light traces of usage and some minor damages, see photos for details. The smock is still showing strong colours. This smock is missing the face veil. Great for a Wehrmacht sniper display, this is one of the rarest smocks to be found. Extremely rare and desirable original smock!

This smock originates out of the collection of the unfortunately closed Eyewitness Museum. See last photo.

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