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Personal Kit Items

Late-war Wehrmacht M44 Tunic Buttons

Late-war Wehrmacht M44 Tunic Buttons (Knöpfe). The buttons are having a diameter of 19mm. This is a special late war type of buttons as intended for late-war M44 tunics. The asking-price is naturally intended per single piece!

€ 2,95

Original small German sweetener package

Nice original small German sweetener package ('Süßtoff-Saccharin'). Manufactured by the company 'Deutsche Süßstoff Gesellschaft m.b.H.' in Berlin (W35). Marked with 'Genehmigte Inlandspackung'. Very nice unissued ration item!

€ 7,50

'Welthölzer' wooden Safety Matches

World War 2-era box of wooden safety matches: 'Welthölzer', manufactured by the company 'Deutsche Zündwaren Monopolgesellschaft'. Nice original personal kit item, the price is for one package in good unissued condition.

€ 10,00

German 'Solidox' Toothpaste

German Toothpaste package: 'Solidox Zahnseife'. The package was produced at the company of 'Solidox ges. für Zahnhygiene m.b.H.' and the original sales price was '45 Rpf' (Reichspfennig). Nice original package in good unissued condition!

€ 25,00

Bakelite Hitler-Jugend 'Marsch-Kompass'

Hitler-Jugend 'Marsch-Kompass' (compass), executed in black-coloured 'Bakelite'. Nicely D.R.P. marked. Complete with it's original leather carrying strap. Nice example in very good condition!

€ 60,00

German Agfa Billy-Record Camera 1937

German Agfa Billy-Record Camera 1937. Nice original photo-camera in good used condition, functionality has not been tested. Decorative period original item, great to complete a German Soldier's personal kit with!

€ 65,00

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Zeiler' Flashlight

Wehrmacht Bakelite 'Zeiler' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). The brown coloured bakelite flashlight is in complete and undamaged condition. The flashlight is having a red and green color-filter. Hard to find original flashlight in very good condition!

€ 175,00

German 'WIF Signal 1136' Flashlight

German 'WIF Signal 1136' Flashlight (Taschenlampe). Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe flashlight, made in Austria in 1938. The flashlight is having a red and green color-filter and a black-out cap. Nice original example in very good condition!

€ 95,00

Dutch made Wehrmacht Flashlight

Nice funcitional example of the famous Dutch so-called 'Knijpkat' Flashlight. This example has been produced in order for the German Wehrmacht, nicely marked with 'Wehrmachteigentum'. Nice original example in good used condition!

€ 150,00
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