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This is our reference archive of rare and/or interesting products we've sold

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Waffen-SS Officer's Visor Cap

Waffen-SS Officer's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). Complete with it's original cap-eagle and skull. The cap is having a great shape. Scarce and hard to find original example in very good condition!

'Freikorps Sudetenland' Belt Buckle

'Freikorps Sudetenland' Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). A dye stamped, nickel alloy box buckle, the buckle is showing the runic letters of 'F.S.' (Freikorps Sudetenland or Freiwilliger Schutzdienst) on a hammered background. Rare original buckle in good condition!

225,00 €

Waffen-SS flatwire 'Deutschland' cufftitle

Waffen-SS Officer's 'Deutschland' cufftitle (Ärmelband), woven in shiny aluminum thread, the so-called 'flatwire' weave. Complete with early 1937 dated RzM tag. Very rare original cufftitle in mint and unissued condition!

1950,00 €

Luftwaffe winter fur cap - 'Pelzmütze'

This is a nice original Luftwaffe winter fur cap - 'Pelzmütze'. Complete with original applied insignia. The cap is nicely maker marked by 'Berolina' in Berlin and dated 1942. Example in very good used condition!

350,00 €

Luftwaffe FLAK Tunic Grouping

Luftwaffe FLAK Tunic Grouping from Unteroffizier 'Terjung'. Very nice quality, privately purchased blue/grey wool construction 1935 pattern Luftwaffe four-pocket tunic and pants (Waffenrock), original applied insignia. Including Photo-Album, Beer Stein & 'Reservistenstock'. Great original grouping!

1750,00 €

Ribbon for the Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross

Ribbon for the Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross (Band zum Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1939). The ribbon is originally confectioned and is in full original length. Perfect for completing your Knight's Cross, hard to find original ribbon!

475,00 €

WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class - 'Godet'

Iron Cross first class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). Non-maker marked example which can be attributed to the 'Gebr. Godet & Co.' company, based in Berlin. Nice early example in good condition!

225,00 €

German 'Reichspost' Visor Cap

WW2 German 'Reichspost' (German Postal service) Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). Complete with celluloid sweat diamond by 'Robert Lubstein' (Erel). Complete with original insignia. Hard to find cap in stunning mint condition!

350,00 €

NSRKB Visor Cap for a 'Kreisführer'

2nd model 'NS-RKB, Kyffhäuserbund' Visor Cap, intended for a 'Kreisführer' (Schirmmütze für Veteranen). Complete with its original aluminum cap-eagle and cocarde, the cap is having the gold piping. Scarce original cap in very good condition!

350,00 €

Luftwaffe Award-Document Grouping

Luftwaffe Award-Document Grouping of Obergefreiten 'Otto Pree', who was a member within the 'Flakregiment 36'. Including documents for the Flak Artillery War Badge, Krim Shield, Assault Badge in Silver, LW Ground Assault Badge, the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Iron Cross 1st Class!

495,00 €

WH (Panzer) Award-Document Grouping

Wehrmacht Panzer award document-group of Feldwebel 'Walter Schröder', who was a 'Panther' mechanic within Panzer Regiment 23. Including documents for the KVK 2nd Class, Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Wound Badge in Black and the Iron Cross 2nd Class. Interesting original grouping!

450,00 €

'Reichsbahn' Visor Cap

2nd model 'Deutsche Reichsbahn' Visor Cap (DRB Schirmmütze) as intended for an official within the 'Besoldungsgruppen' (Pay groups) 17a to 12. Complete with its original zinc-type cap-eagle and cocarde. Nice original cap in very good condition!

275,00 €

Waffen-SS Plane Tree Camouflage 'Zeltbahn'

Waffen-SS Plane Tree No.5/6 Pattern Shelter Quarter (Platanenmuster Zeltbahn). Shows nice bright summer and autumn colours. This is a mide-war example made of plane tree patterns 5 & 6. Nice hard to find example in good used condition!

1100,00 €

Transitional EM/NCO's Belt and Buckle

Transitional Wehrmacht Heer EM/NCO's Belt and Buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß), nice 2-piece construction box buckle showing a left facing eagle. This is the smaller 40mm sized buckle, complete with it's original matching belt. Extremely scarce original matching set in very good condition!

395,00 €

Cased Wound Badge in Gold '13'

This is a nice cased 'Buntmetall' Gold Wound Badge (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Gold). Maker marked with number '13' - 'Gustav Brehmer' in Markneukirchen. Extremely hard to find example in good condition!

350,00 €

WH (Heer) DD M35 Combat Helmet

Wehrmacht (Heer) Double-decal M35 Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35), Q64 marked. Rare early reissued example, complete with liner and chinstrap, 'I./A.R.76' unit marked. The helmet is showing great decals. Great original helmet!

1995,00 €

RAD greatcoat

RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) greatcoat (Tuchmantel). Nicely maker marked and unit marked 'A.D.Gau XXVII' (Baden). Complete with original applied insignia. The greatcoat is in minimally worn condition. Nice and hard to find original RAD greatcoat!

450,00 €

Luftwaffe Officers Sword & Hanger

Luftwaffe Officers Sword & Hanger (Schwert für Offiziere mit Gehänge), also called 'Fliegerschwert'. Nicely maker marked by the company of 'Eickhorn' in Solingen. Scarce original sword with hangers in very good condition!

1895,00 €

5-piece medal-bar & batton

Nice 5-piece medal-bar (Ordenspange), complete with matching batton. Iron Cross 2nd Class, Ostmedal, RAD service medal and 2 Romanian medals. A medal-bar with this combination of medals is hard to find. Nice original set in good condition!

350,00 €

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' Member's Pin

Norwegian 'Nasjonal Samling' (NS) Member's Pin. The pin is marked on the back with 'D.A'. Nice example in very good condition!

100,00 €

WH (Heer) Medical Officer's Visor Cap

WH (Heer) Medical (Arzt) Officer's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). Complete with it's original early aluminum cocarde and cap-eagle. The cap is named to ' Klaus Briest'. The cap is made by the 'Erel' company. Nice original Visor Cap in very good condition!

600,00 €

Cased Order of the German Eagle

Rare original cased Order of the German Eagle (Deutscher Adlerorden 1. Stufe). Neck cross made of gilded '900' silver. The details on this medal are simply stunning, complete with case in good condition. Stunning original cross!

2495,00 €

WH Helmet Camouflage Net (Tarnnetz)

Wehrmacht Helmet Camouflage Net (Tarnnetz), complete with an original set of hooks to attach the net to the helmet. Rare and scarce original camouflage net in mint and unissued condition!

1095,00 €

Brown coloured combat Y-straps - 1945

Late War Wehrmacht Combat Y-straps (Koppeltraggestell für Infanterie). Undied brown coloured leather Y-straps in overall good used condition. The Y-straps are nicely RB.Nr. marked and dated 1945. Rare original Y-straps!

295,00 €

WH Gasmask with camouflaged Canister

Wehrmacht (Heer) M30 Gasmask with camouflaged Canister (Gasmaske M30 mit Blechbüchse M38), complete with 3 pairs of Klarscheiben, cleaning cloth & retaining spring and both carrying straps. Named and Feldpost-number marked. Watertight canister with rubber ring. Stunning and desirable original set!

995,00 €

KM 'Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen'

Nice Kriegsmarine 'Zerstörer-Kriegsabzeichen' (Destroyer War Badge). The 'Buntmetall' badge is unmarked but can be attributed to the company of 'Wilhelm Deumer', hard to find early badge. A nice and honest KM war-badge!

395,00 €

Luftwaffe Obergefreiter's M44 Tunic

Luftwaffe FLAK Obergefreiter's M44 Tunic (Feldbluse M44). The tunic is complete with shoulder-boards, collar-tabs, chevron, breast-eagle and 'Waffenpersonal' trade badge. The tunic is in worn condition, having some repairs. Hard to find Luftwaffe M44 tunic!

995,00 €

WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class - 'Juncker'

Iron Cross first class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). The cross is not visible maker marked but can very likely be attributed to the company of 'C.E. Juncker' in Berlin. Nice and hard to find example in very good condition!

275,00 €

WH 'Infanterie-Regiment List' Cufftitle

WH 'Infanterie-Regiment List' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). The cufftitle is 37cms in length and in clearly used and tunic removed condition. Rare and desirable original cufftitle!

825,00 €

'Fallschirmjäger' Document & Medal Group

Luftwaffe 'Fallschirmjäger' Document & Medal Grouping from 'Otto Jürkewitz' including his Iron Cross 2nd Class, Award Document and Soldbuch. He was a member within the 'Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 21' of the 7th Fallschirmjäger Division. Interesting late war FJ grouping!

495,00 €

'Fallschirm-Division' Cufftitle

'Fallschirm-Division' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). This is an Enlisted Men's type upgraded for wear by an Officer. The cufftitle is 46cms in length. There is some small moth damage. Desirable original cufftitle!

745,00 €

LW 'Geschwader General Wever' Cufftitle

Luftwaffe 'Geschwader General Wever' Officer's Cufftitle (Ärmelband). Very nice full length example in top condition. Nicely hand-embroidered in bullion silver threads. Rare original cufftitle!

425,00 €

Cased 'Fliegerschützenabzeichen mit Blitzbündel'

Cased Luftwaffe 'Fliegerschützenabzeichen mit Blitzbündel' (Air Gunner Badge with Lightning). The early tombac badge is nicely maker marked by the company 'C.E. Juncker' in Berlin. Great and hard to find original badge in very good condition!

995,00 €

Cased Iron Cross 1st Class '65'

Cased Iron Cross first class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). Maker marked with number '65' - 'Klein & Quenzer AG' in Idar-Oberstein. The cross is complete with its rarely found original 'green' coloured case. Nice original set!

345,00 €

WH 'Frontleitstelle' Armband

This is a nice light-blue coloured, linnen-based armband, as worn by personnel working in the 'Frontleitstelle' (front control center). These armbands are very scarce and almost impossible to find. Nice original armband in very good condition!

250,00 €

WH 'Zeltbahn' in Italian Camouflage

Wehrmacht Shelter Quarter (Zeltbahn 31) made of Italian Camouflage material. The Zeltbahn is in used condition and showing some small damages and repairs, a few buttons are missing. Scarce original example!

295,00 €

Waffen-SS Tropical Sahariana Field Blouse

Waffen-SS Tropical Sahariana Field Blouse (SS Tropen Feldbluse). Nicely marked and complete with all glass type buttons. Very nice example in only slightly worn condition!

795,00 €

'Feuerwehr' overseas cap

'Feuerwehr' (Fire Protection Police) overseas cap (Schiffchen). This is a standard EM's overseas cap showing an original machine-sewn cap eagle. Nice cap in very good condition!

245,00 €

KM German Cross in Gold - cloth version

German Cross in Gold - 'Deutsches Kreuz in Gold'. Very nice cloth version of the German Cross in Gold, having a dark navy-blue cloth based as intended for the Kriegsmarine. Scarce example in very good condition!

575,00 €

Hitler-Jugend 'Drill' Pants

This is rare original pair of green coloured Hitler-Jugend drill pants (Drell Hose) as used in the 'Wehrertüchtigungslagern' (WEL) of the HJ. Nice pair in good used condition!

500,00 €

British Grenadier Guards Tanker Helmet

Extremely rare original named British 'Grenadier Guards' Royal Amoured Corps Helmet. Example in good complete condition with liner and chinstrap. 'CCL' marked and 1943 dated. With Grenadier Guards Regimentel flash and unit flash. Scarce original helmet!

895,00 €

Cased NSDAP 15 Years Long Service Award

Cased 'NSDAP-Dienstauszeichnung in Silber' - '2. Stufe für 15 Jahre treue Dienst' (NSDAP Fifteen Years Long Service Award). The medal medal comes in its original blue coloured carton box, with ribbon and tissue. Nice set in stunning mint condition!

795,00 €

Cased NSDAP 10 Years Long Service Award

Rare original cased 'NSDAP-Dienstauszeichnung in bronze' - '3. Stufe für 10 Jahre treue Dienst' (NSDAP Ten Years Long Service Award). The zinc based medal comes in its original brown coloured carton box, with ribbon and tissue. Nice set in very good condition!

295,00 €

'Landdienst der HJ' Cufftitle

'Landdienst der HJ' Cufftitle, glued on a photo-album page with the accompanying text 'Landdienst der HJ, vom 5.Mai - 1.Sept.42'. Woven cufftitle, scarce original example in very good condition!

195,00 €

Gebirgsjäger Anorak (Windbluse)

Mountain Troopers (Gebirgsjäger) Winter Camouflage Anorak, reversible to white (Windbluse der Gebirgstruppen). The anorak is showing some small repairs and damages and normal traces of usage, a few buttons are missing. Overall great original, worn, anorak in good condition!

575,00 €

WH Panzer document-group 'Willi Bode'

Wehrmacht Panzer award document-group of Oberfeldwebel 'Willi Bode', member within Panzer Regiment 1, 11 and 36. Including documents for the Long Service Award, 1 Oktober 1938 with Spange, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Panzer Assault Badge, Wound Badge in Silver and more. Interesting original grouping!

650,00 €

WH (Heer) M40 Camouflaged Combat Helmet

WH (Heer) M40 Single Decal Camouflaged Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40) - 'ET64' marked helmet complete with it's original liner. The helmet has is named to 'Fritz Schmidt'. Nice original camouflaged helmet, found in Holland!

1495,00 €

DAF porcelain vase 'Quantmeyer & Eicke'

This is a nice DAF porcelain vase of the company 'Quantmeyer & Eicke' in Berlin. It is approximately 12,5cms tall and made by the 'Kunstabteilung' of the 'Rosenthal' company in Selb. Rare and decorative original piece!

395,00 €

Pair of Waffen-SS 'Artillerie' Shoulder-Straps

Pair of Waffen-SS Shoulder-Straps as intended for an 'Unterscharführer der Artillerie'. Great original fully matching pair of Waffen-SS shoulder-straps in only slightly worn condition!

350,00 €

Kriegsmarine Uniform Grouping

Kriegsmarine Uniform Grouping, consisting of a pair of trousers, Collani Jacket, Shirt, collar dickie & tie and 'Tellermütze'. All from one soldier as found together in a house cleaning in Germany, great original Kriegsmarine uniform grouping!

1250,00 €