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Luftwaffe 'Nachrichten' Tunic Grouping

Luftwaffe Signals Tunic Grouping. Luftwaffe four-pocket tunic (Waffenrock), pants, visor cap and boots as intended for a 'Feldwebel der Nachrichten' (Signals). Great original grouping!

1995,00 €

'Luftgaupostamt Amsterdam' Mail Bag

Rare original 'Luftgaupostamt Amsterdam' Mail Bag. The large sized sack was used to transport 'Feldpost' and other mail. The bag is sized approximately 120x85cms. Decorative and certainly rare original item!

145,00 €

Luftschutz re-issued Czech Helmet

Czech M34 Helmet which has been re-issued to the Luftschutz, repainted in Luftschutz blue-grey and complete with decal. The helmet is complete with the the 5 liner pads and original chinstrap. A rare and hard to find helmet in very good condition!

495,00 €

Wehrmacht reissued Dutch Helmet

Wehrmacht reissued Dutch KNIL Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm Holländisch). Complete with standard M31 Wehrmacht liner. Only a few of these helmets are known. Very rare original piece in stunning condition!

795,00 €

WH (Heer) M40 Field Blouse

Wehrmacht (Heer) M40 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M40) from an injured soldier who suffered from a gunshot wound. Complete with collar-tabs and breast-eagle. Combat used tunic, a true piece of history! We are glad to tell this tunic will be in display in a museum soon!

1250,00 €

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge - 'Juncker'

This is a stunning original early tombac (Buntmetall) Luftwaffe Pilots Badge (Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The badge is nicely maker marked by the company of 'C.E. Juncker' in Berlin. Desirable original pilot's badge in very good condition!

1250,00 €

Reichspost Winter Tunic - 'Winterjoppe'

WW2 German Reichspost (German Postal service) Winter Tunic (Winterjoppe). Complete with paper manufacturer's label, nicely marked and dated 1942. With original applied arm-eagle. Scarce original tunic in very good unissued condition!

695,00 €

German Cross in Silver '20'

'Deutsches Kreuz in Silber', light weight version, maker marked with number '20' indicating production by the company of 'C.F.Zimmermann'. Nice example in used and worn condition showing a great patina, rare and desirable original cross! Reduced Price!

2950,00 €

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge - 'B&NL'

This is stunning early tombac (Buntmetall) Luftwaffe Pilots Badge (Flugzeugführerabzeichen). Maker marked with 'B&NL' indicating production by 'Berg & Nolte AG' from Lüdenscheid. Desirable original pilot's badge in very good condition!

995,00 €

HJ 1933 Pattern Visor Cap

Hitler-Jugend 1933 Pattern Visor Cap (HJ Schirmmütze M33). Piped in red, complete with it's original cap eagle and HJ diamond shaped cap-badge. The visor cap is having the early style leather visor. Nice original Visor Cap in good used condition!

575,00 €

Wehrmacht Armband for disabled soldiers

This is a rare original golden-yellow-coloured linnen Wehrmacht Armband for disabled soldiers (Armbinde für körperbehinderte Soldaten). The armband is executed in a technique similar to the 'BeVo'- weave technique. Nice original armband in good used condition!

250,00 €

Observation Binoculars 12x60 'FMG 41 T'

Wehrmacht Observation Binoculars 12x60 (Beobachtungsfernrohr 12x60) ,marked with 'FMG 41 T' (Funkmeßgerät 41T), this binoculars were for use with a radar unit. Maker marked with 'blc' indicating production by the company of 'Carl Zeiss' from Jena. A nice and honest piece of equipment!

695,00 €

WH (Heer) Artillery Officer's Tunic

Wehrmacht (Heer) Officer's Tunic as intended for a 'Leutnant der Artillerie'. Complete with all original applied insignia and an original applied Krim Campaign Shield. Nice original tunic in very good condition!

1100,00 €

WH (Heer) Infantry Officer's Grouping

Wehrmacht (Heer) Infantry Officer's M36 style Field Blouse and document grouping, named to 'Leutnant Günther Petschat'. Included are his Soldbuch, three award-documents and ID-tag. Rare and interesting grouping that surely merits further investigation!

1750,00 €

Waffen-SS BeVo 'Adolf Hitler' Cufftitle

Waffen-SS BeVo 'Adolf Hitler' cufftitle (Ärmelband). Both ends are factory machine-sewn with one end having the 'BeVo-Wuppertal' maker's name. The cufftitle is in good unissued condition showing some staining and traces of years of storage. Nice original cufftitle!

1100,00 €

Luftwaffe Summer Officer's Visor Cap

Luftwaffe Summer Officer's Visor Cap (Sommerschirmmütze für Offiziere). The visor cap is nicely maker marked by the famous 'Erel' company. Hard to find original Luftwaffe Officer's Summer Visor Cap in good used condition!

1100,00 €

NSDAP 25 Years Long Service Award

'NSDAP-Dienstauszeichnung in Gold' - '1. Stufe für 25 Jahre treue Dienst' (NSDAP Twenty Five Years Long Service Award). The medal medal comes with its original long sized ribbon. Rare original NSDAP Twenty-five Years Long Service Award in stunning mint condition!

3500,00 €

Cased KVK 1st Class '62'

Cased war merit cross 1st class with Swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwerter). Both the luxurious case and the 'Buntmetall' cross are nicely maker marked by the company of 'Kerbach & Oesterhelt' in Dresden. Desirable set in stunning condition!

295,00 €

LW 'Flakkampfabzeichen'

WH (Luftwaffe) 'Flakkampfabzeichen' (Flak Artillery War Badge ). The badge is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Gustav Brehmer' in Markneukirchen. Nice original 'Buntmetall' example in very good condition!

350,00 €

Waffen-SS Panzer M43 Cap

Waffen-SS Panzer M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze). This is a late-war, typical 'Dachau' production Waffen-SS Panzer black-woolen M43-cap, having a black (woolen) eagle/skull trapezoid originally attached. The cap is in very good near mint condition!

2250,00 €

WH (Heer) Panzer Trooper's Trousers

WH (Heer) Panzer Trooper's Trousers (Panzerhose für Mannschaften). Nicely maker marked by a clothing company from Wunsiedel and dated 'M40' (1940). There are regrettably some moth holes/damages on front of the trousers. Priced accordingly!

1000,00 €

German 'Leuchtpistole 34' - Steel Version

Rare original early steel version of the German Flare Pistol - 'Leuchtpistole 34' (LP34) - 'Waffenfabrik Walther Zella-Mehlis (Thür.)'. This is a functional weapon, exempted by the Dutch law in Article 18, paragraph 1, in d, annex II of the Rwm. Sale only to persons above the age of 18!

450,00 €

LW Observer Badge 'CE Juncker'

Nice early tombac Luftwaffe 'Beobachterabzeichen' (Observer Badge). The badge is nicely maker marked by the company of 'C.E. Juncker' from Berlin SW. The badge shows great finish and stunning details, stunning original Observer Badge!

950,00 €

Scarce original 'Rotfront' Belt and Buckle

Rare original KPD 'Rotfront' (Roter Frontkämpferbund) Belt and Buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß), nice 2-piece construction box buckle, complete with it's original leather belt as found together. One of the rarest buckles in existence, originals are hardly ever offered for sale!

695,00 €

German 'Schutzpolizei' Field Blouse

German Police Combat Field Blouse (Polizei Feldbluse M42) as intended for an 'Unterwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei'. Nicely maker marked and dated 1944. Complete with all insignia. Nice original Police Field Blouse!

895,00 €

KdF 'Reiseleiter Kreis Freiberg' Armband

KdF 'Reiseleiter "Kraft durch Freude" Kreis Freiberg' Armband (Armbinde). The 40cms long sized armband is showing the embroidered white script 'Reiseleiter "Kraft durch Freude" Kreis Freiberg' on a dark blue wool base. Scarce original KdF armband in very good condition!

165,00 €

Luftwaffe NCO's four-pocket tunic

Very nice quality issue blue/grey wool construction 1935 pattern Luftwaffe four-pocket tunic (Waffenrock) as intended for an 'Unteroffizier der Flakartillerie'. The tunic is complete with all original applied insignia. Nicely 'LBA' marked and dated 1938. Great original tunic!

895,00 €

Nahkampfspange in Bronze - 'A.G.M.u.K.'

This is a nice 'Nahkampfspange in Bronze' (Close Combat Clasp). Nicely maker marked with 'A.G.M.u.K.' indicating production by the company of 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft Metall und Kunststoff' in Gablonz an der Neiße. This badge has most likely never been issued and is in stunning mint condition!

450,00 €

Schutzpolizei Officer's Shako

Schutzpolizei Officer's Shako (Tschako für Offiziere). Complete with officer's type shako-eagle and hand-embroidered cocarde. The shako is showing some minimal traces of usage and years of storage and is in close to mint condition. Nice original Police Officer's Shako!

1350,00 €

'Feldherrnhalle' Souvenir Wall Plaque

'Feldherrnhalle' wall-plaque. The plaque is showing a front-view of the 'München Feldherrnhalle'. The detailed plaque is placed on a wooden base, sized approximately 17 x 16,5 cms. Hard to find original item!

295,00 €

Kyffhäuserbund Gorget

'NS-Reichskriegerbund/Kyffhäuserbund' (NSRKB) Gorget (Ringkragen). The full-length chain is present and is showing a a swastika/Iron Cross alternating motif. The gorget is showing normal traces of usage and is in overall good condition. Nice and decorative original example!

495,00 €

WH (Heer) Forestry Official's Visor Cap

WH (Heer) Forestry Official's Visor Cap (Reichsforstdienst Schirmmütze). Nice visor cap in very good condition, having a nice shape (Sattelform). The interiour is having a nice celluloid sweat-diamond, marked by the company of 'Paul Berkenkamp' in Bielefeld. Nice original cap in very good condition!

595,00 €

WH (Heer) 'Infanterie' Officer's Visor Cap

WH (Heer) 'Infanterie' Officer's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). Complete with it's original applied hand-embroiderd cocarde and zinc-type cap-eagle. With 'Deutsche Wertarbeit' sweat-diamond. Stunning original Visor Cap in very good near mint condition!

695,00 €

WH (Heer) Infantry Insignia Grouping

WH (Heer) Infantry Insignia Set. The set is consisting of an early pair of pointed M36 style Wehrmacht (Heer) shoulder-boards, an ID-tag (Erkennungsmarke) and Portrait-Photo, all of the same soldier. Interesting and rare original grouping!

295,00 €

Early SA Kepi - 'SA-Gruppe Nordmark'

Early SA Service Kepi (SA-Dienstmütze). This is an example from the 'Kampfzeit' having a loose color band in green attached, indicating the 'SA-Gruppe Nordmark' (or Sachsen). Rare untouched original example!

995,00 €

WH 'Frontleitstelle' Armband

This is a nice light-blue coloured, linnen-based armband, as worn by personnel working in the 'Frontleitstelle' (front control center). These armbands are very scarce and almost impossible to find. Nice original armband in very good condition!

250,00 €

WH (Heer) Recruiting EM/NCO's Visor Cap

WH (Heer) recruiting EM/NCO's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze) having the orange-red coloured piping. The interiour is having a nice celluloid sweat-diamond, marked by the company of 'G.A. Hoffmann' in Berlin. Nice original cap in very good, near mint, condition!

795,00 €

Luftwaffe 'Drillich' Field Blouse

WH (Luftwaffe) 'Drillich' (HBT) Field Blouse (Feldbluse). Complete with original matching machine-sewn 'Drillich' type Luftwaffe breast-eagle. Nice original Luftwaffe field blouse in stunning mint and unissued condition!

995,00 €

Kriegsmarine SD M35 Combat Helmet

Kriegsmarine Single-decal M35 Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M35), ET64 marked. The national tricolor decal has been removed per regulations. The helmet is complete with liner and chinstrap. The helmet is having a name-tag attached to the liner. Great original helmet!

1350,00 €

'SA-Wehrmannschaften' Belt & Buckle

Rare original 'SA-Wehrmannschaften' Belt & Buckle (Koppel und Koppelschloß). 'RZM M4/22' indicating production by the company of 'Christian Theodor Dicke' in Lüdenscheid. Complete with matching 'C.T.D.' marked belt. Hard to find, truly matching set in very good condition!

550,00 €

DRK Officer's Leather Belt & Buckle

DRK Officer's Leather Belt & Buckle (Feldbinde und Feldbindenschloß für DRK-Führer). The buckle is nicely marked with 'Ges.Gesch.' and number '2'. Complete with it's original 103cms long sized leather belt. Scarce and hard to find original set in good used condition!

395,00 €

HJ Golden Member Honor Badge

Hitler-Jugend Enamelled Golden Member Honor Badge (Goldenes HJ Ehrenzeichen). The badge is neatly maker marked on the back with 'RZM 15' and the unique number '31679'. The badge is having a functional pin/catch attachement. Nice original HJ Honor Badge in good used condition!

165,00 €

Gebirgsjäger Wind Pants (Windhose)

Mountain Troopers (Gebirgsjäger) Winter Camouflage Wind Pants, reversible to white (Windhose der Gebirgstruppen). The pants are nicely maker marked with R.B.No.'0/1001/0204' and dated 1944. The pants are in stunning mint and unissued condition!

585,00 €

HJ Flak Helper's Field Cap

Hitler-Jugend Flak Helper's Field Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze für Flakhelfer). Nicely marked with RBNr.'0/2009/0004' and dated 1944, the cap is a large size 58. Nice original example in good used condition!

350,00 €

Waffen-SS M40 Combat Helmet

Waffen-SS M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40) - 'Q68' helmet with a size '59' liner, the helmet is complete with its original chinstrap. Scarce original helmet in good condition, summer reduction!

4450,00 €

Rare green-coloured 'Afrika' Cufftitle

Rare original green-coloured 'Afrika' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). The cufftitle measures approximately 38cms in length. It is in clearly worn and tunic removed condition. Rare and hard to find original cufftitle!

450,00 €

KM Minesweeper War Badge

Kriegsmarine 'Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch-, U-Boot-Jagd und Sicherungsverbände' (minesweeper war badge). Early 'Buntmetall' example which can be attributed to the company of 'Petz & Lorenz' in Unterreichenbach. Scarce original badge!

245,00 €

POA Volunteer Sleeve Shield

Rare original machine-embroidered sleeve shield as intended for a Russian Volunteer of the 'Russian Liberation Army' or 'POA'. Rare and hard to find original variant in good used condition!

200,00 €

WH (Heer) Field Blouse

WH (Heer) cotton summer Field Blouse (Feldbluse). The tunic comes with its original applied flat-wire breast-eagle, collar tabs, shoulder-boards, 'Waffenmeister' trade badge and Krim Campaign Shield. Great original, untouched, Artillery Feldwebel's field blouse!

995,00 €

WH (Heer) Soldbuch 'Hoch-u.Deutschmeister'

Wehrmacht (Heer) Soldbuch of Grenadier 'Reinhold Schlechta', member within the 'Gren.Ers.u.Ausb.Btl. Hoch-u.Deutschmeister'. There is Shrapnel Damage to the Soldbuch. Interesting original late war Soldbuch of a hard to find and rare unit!

145,00 €